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Updated 20th October, 2020

Welcome to the Morris Minors website.

Street Dance? We do it too! We just include sticks, hankies, bobbins, garlands and other props.

Nearly half term again and ready to turn back the clocks (Why would anyone want to add a whole sixty minutes to 2020?). Stay safe and dare to dream of a time when you can burst forth from your bubble and dance!
It can’t last forever. Morris has survived plagues, war, fire, flood and tempest. We, and most of our listed contacts, are still here to  help with your planning needs and we are happy to make future bookings on the basis of “if you are open and if it can be safely done”. 

This is your contact point for all things Morris and all things traditional in music song and dance.

Our Objectives

To provide Morris Dancing tuition for children in schools and youth groups in Hull and East Yorkshire.
To train and support those working with children and young people to teach Morris Dancing.
To support and promote Morris Dancing and other traditional dance, music and song in Hull and East Yorkshire.

Thank you for your interest. Please click on one of the items on the black menu bar above to visit our other pages. As part of our  commitment to the promotion of Morris Dancing in general, you may also find our “See Morris” and “Links” sections worth examining.

Please remember we are here for all things Morris.

Video has emerged on You tube of the Buttercross Belles, North West Morris Team dancing on Scale Lane Bridge as it moves in 2017, the only Bridge in Britain where this can happen. The event was the Hull Day of Dance organised as part of the Morris Federation A.G.M. The bridge staff were brilliant at the time. Most helpful, suggestive and accommodating. We must do it again!  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tju7G_biww4&feature=youtu.be

London Morris Dancer recreates William Kempe’s 9 Dais Wonder of 1600, dancing from London to Norwich in nine days!


William Kempe

William Kempe

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